Terms of Service


Mobile Dental ER Cancellation Policy

Customers can cancel a appointment at any time up to four (4) hours before the scheduled arrival for a full refund using the website or the mobile website. Mobile Dental ER will not provide a refund if the reservation is cancelled less than 4 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, or in the event of reservation abandonment. This includes bookings made within four hours of arrival time.

User Error

Customer is responsible for providing accurate information at time of booking. When he/she provides information for their location, the customer agrees that the information will be accurate. Mobile Dental ER is not responsible for mistakes made by customers while using the service, its official websites, or mobile applications. Confirmation emails are provided at the time of booking to allow customers to review details of their reservation in advance of the reservation, allowing the customer time to cancel or make any changes four (4) hours or more in advance of the arrival as required by the Cancellation Policy outlined above.


Safety Bars
The Mobile Dental ER vehicle has a safety bar installed. Please use the safety bar when boarding and exiting the vehicle.

In Vehicle Cameras
a security camera is installed in the Mobile Dental ER vehicle for staff and customer safety. Customers may be recorded as a result.

Vehicle Capacities
The Mobile Dental ER unit seats one patient and one additional person as a companion. For insurance reasons children under the age of 6 are not allowed to accompany a patient.


Service to Minors
Customers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the entire duration of the appointment. Mobile Dental ER will refuse service if a child is without an adult or guardian.

Travel Times and Delays
Mobile Dental ER is not responsible for significant delays in anticipated arrival due to traffic, weather, or road conditions, or any other unforeseen circumstances. Under such conditions, Mobile Dental ER reserves the right to cancel and refund reservations in advance of the scheduled arrival.

Customer Service
Customers will be given an opportunity to give feedback on our service after their visit, we encourage customers to notify us of their experience, whether good or bad.

Compensation Following Non Arrival
Where it is determined to be the companies fault, customers will receive compensation in the form of a complete refund.

For Credit Card Refunds: Once approved, a refund request is submitted within 24 hours, excluding weekends and federal holidays. The refund is then completed by customer’s financial institution. Customer should refer to their financial institution to check on status of refund.

Limitations Insurance Filing
It is the customers responsibility to file their insurance claim within a time frame prescribed by their insurance company, which can vary from 3 to 12 months. Mobile Dental ER cannot guarantee insurance reimbursement.